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May 17, 2012 / kevinmoneil

My Type, My Life

This is my final, the typography book for the Advanced Graphic Design class.


May 6, 2012 / kevinmoneil



April 27, 2012 / kevinmoneil

Type Specimen Preview


April 24, 2012 / kevinmoneil

My logo

My own logo!


April 24, 2012 / kevinmoneil

Print Final


April 24, 2012 / kevinmoneil

New Not For Sale


April 24, 2012 / kevinmoneil

Old Not For Sale

I can’t believe I designed this poster…


April 23, 2012 / kevinmoneil

Jewish Food Festival (2 points)


The Jewish Food Festival was an event that took place on Sunday, April 22nd. The nature of the event was to celebrate Jewish culture and food; as well as to raise money for the Temple Adat Shalom in Poway. I arrived at noon and walked around to take a look at what the event had to offer. Walking around, I picked up many flyers and brochures; not only to look at the design but to also learn more about the event and what it was about. One thing about the event that I found interesting was all of the different and delicious looking foods that were available at the booths. If you wanted to try the food; however, you would have to buy a ticket. Unfortunately, i was not able to buy a ticket due to being broke. The event also made me extremely hungry.

There were no significant things at the event that would change or influence my work, but I did gain more appreciation for the culture and food. The only flaw that I felt about the event was that it would have been nice to have a small sample of food. Although this seems, at first, counter-productive in terms of raining money for the temple, I believe that it would have helped out in the end. I wish I had the money to buy a ticket at the time but I did not have the chance to try out any food. Other than that, I did enjoy the music that was playing at the festival and was happy to see that one of the students designed the poster for the event.

That event made me really, really hungry…

April 23, 2012 / kevinmoneil

Not For Sale


April 21, 2012 / kevinmoneil

Keep Art Alive! (2 points)

I was one of the event organizes and helpers for Keep Art Alive which took place at CSUSM gallery in Restaurant Row on April 20th.  The event was collaboration between High Tech High and CSUSM teachers and students; art was bid on and all proceeds went toward Center Artes. When budget cuts come around, the first thing that is eliminated are art programs in schools. Center Artes is a CSUSM organization dedicated to stopping this trend because art is such an important part of education, culture and life.


High Tech High students created more than twenty artworks to support this cause. The gallery was opened at 5 PM and, at first, attendance was low. Little by little, more and more people joined and started bidding on the art. What I will remember about this is that all of the art pieces were bid on and the fact that it will go to a good cause. One way that this event would influence my work is to submit art to galleries to further this cause or others in the future. Another inspiration would be the desire to create art in traditional and mixed media. There were raffles at the event as well as prizes to be won; thankfully, there were plenty of participants that made donations to the Center Artes. In my opinion, there were no flaws with the event. The turnout, the art and the cause were great and turned out to be better than expected; we also exceeded our expectations! I am glad that the students were also able to participate and become part of the event!